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CardBuild Dynacard

About ICS


About Integrated Control Systems, Inc.

ICS offers the CardBuild® control system and software configuration services for oil well rod pump units. This patent pending, field proven, innovative combination of hardware and software allows our customers to achieve higher levels of fluid displacement than any other system currently in use. At the same time, it lowers mechanical stress on the pumping equipment and causes less disturbance on the incoming power line.

“Customers buy our equipment because it does what it is supposed to do, consistently and reliably. We have technology that no one else has.”


The ICS team has been personally involved in the application, start-up and service of tens of thousands of variable frequency drives (VFDs) in a large part of the world over a period of many years. We have worked on all five major continents, on platforms and on a ferry boat in the Gulf of Alaska. Thousands of these applications were oil field related. All of them taught us how to have VFDs control various processes in a variety of applications under a wide range of operating conditions.


The idea of this product started with a basic question: “If there were an ideal control system for a rod pump, what would it do?” Having someone who spent years responsible for oil field operations, the goals were assembled quickly. Increased displacement without exceeding equipment limitations, better reliability (not only more uptime, but also accurate repetition every pump stroke), less power usage, improved power quality, and extended life for the surface and downhole equipment.

The next question was: “How do you do that?” That took a little longer to answer. Actually, it has taken four years of extensive effort. We had some basic ideas from our long experience, but found that some of the products that we had used were not adequate for the speed and accuracy required by this application. We had to find VFDs and controls that had higher capabilities. Then we had to adapt that equipment to do what we needed it to do. We subjected what we produced to the scrutiny of experienced well operators and analysts. All of this was done with a commitment to all of the desired results and a confidence that we really could produce that control system. We did. We call it the CardBuild® system because it allows an operator to actually design a pump stroke that produces a Dynagraph Card that looks the way the operator wants it to look. The other result is that we have filed two U.S. patent applications and one International patent application in the last two years on various aspects of this product.

“We have installed approximately 600 of the CardBuild® Control Systems in in five California oil fields over the last four years. Most of these are running on deep wells with high load and high displacement. The CardBuild® Control System has proven to be very stable; delivering consistent operation and loading stroke after stroke. On wells where we replaced another control system, we have increased the displacement and substantially reduced the number of incidents that required major repairs.”


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